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Irish Christmas ornament

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Lighted candles in windows guide strangers on their way, families sit down to a holiday dinner of turkey with cranberries and stuffing. Wren Boys go caroling from door to door, entertaining pantomime plays everywhere, and giving gifts on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, are all part of the Irish Christmas traditions. In some parts of the country, villagers white wash their houses as a symbol of purification while awaiting the arrival of the Christ Child. These ancient customs are uniquely Irish yet have similarities to Christmas traditions all over the world. The Irish Christmas Santa carries a very special Christmas sign reminiscent of the beautiful old ironwork signs that prevail in Ireland, which reads, "Nollaig Shona Dhuit," and means "Happy Christmas Day" the most common Christmas greeting. A cape to ward off blustery Irish wind keeps warm as does his cable knit Irish sweater. In Santa's sack we find some Irish goodies; lucky coins, fishing boat, a large shamrock, jar of orange marmalade, book of Irish proverbs and a sheep rocker. Santa stand before Irish stone fences which prevalent all around the countryside. This jolly Irish man, with a twinkle in his eyes, will make sure that everyone has a :Nolaig Shona Dhuit."

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